Teleport Tutorial for Adobe After Effects


Short demo

Step 1: Watch a movie
Watch the teleport clip

Step 2: The concept
  • The "teleport" effect, in this case, is created using a tripod and requires two takes. The first take is the actor doing whatever they should be doing, i.e. standing around or jumping or whatever. The second take is just a blank background shot with NO actor in the clip. Remember not to move your tripod from the first to second take, as this is the key.
  • Once inside of After Effects, lay down the actor clip ABOVE the blank background clip
  • Make sure to select the actor clip
  • Simply cut around the actors body with the "pen" tool from the tool box at the point where you want the teleport effect to START.
  • Mark your layers opactity keyframe (but don't change it's value) at this point where the teleport effect will begin. Opacity should still be at 100%.
  • Mark another keyframe for opactity at the piont where the actors body will completely disapear - this is where the teleport effect will finish.
  • Change the value of the keyframe you just made to opactity of 0%
  • After Effects will interpolate between the 100% and 0% opacity keyframes so you don't have to do anymore work.
  • At this point you are done but the effect is very very basic. You might want to mess around and add some lens flare or partical effects... or whatever you think looks cool!
  • Press the space bar on your keyboard to view the RAM preview!