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Here you will find some usefull information (FAQ's/tutorials) if you want to mess around making your own movies. At this point my tutorial/FAQ's don't go into minute details on how to exactly replicate my movie effects, i.e. you will still have to learn the programs themselves before you can pump out effects like schwarzenegger pumps iron, but if you're serious about creating your own movie effects then my information will point you in the right direction.  
Learn how to create your own light saber effects!
Learn to create 2, 3 or 400 of yourself(s) on camera!!
How to jump up, up and away... really fast. This tutorial includes an after effects project file to get you started pronto!
How to put your actors on the top of a roof without the key to the building - and without using a blue screen!
A quick peek at doing that famous dance move
How to teleport yorself!
Lightning and energy
How to make yourself look like you can throw lightning bolts
Working with 3D (coming soon)
How to put 3D objects in your videos!
Laser gun
How to shoot a laser gun and deflect laser beams
Slice off body parts
How to lose your head on film