How to create clones in your movies






Step 1: Watch a movie
See what you can do with cloning...

Step 2: The concept
Clones are created using two or more video shots of the same background with the cloned actor doing something different or standing in a different position in each shot (using a tripod so the camera doesn't shift the background from take to take, this is the key).
Step 3: what you will need
  • You will need a tripod OR some stable surface to place your camera so that between your two takes the camera does NOT move. It is very important that the camera NOT move at all or your clones shot will be ruined. There are situations where the camera can move and you can still create clones, but that is beyond the scope of this tutorial.
  • You will also need a camera, of course, and an object to clone, like a person or your cell phone ;)
  • Adobe After Effects (computer program windows or mac)
Step 4: lets create clones!
  • Go ahead and import your two (or more) peices of video that represent your cloned object or actors into After Effects. For this example, we will use just 2 peices of video, so each video clip will represent a clone.
  • Lay down your first and second shot onto the After Effects time line such that the second shot is on top of the first shot.
  • Next, use the pen tool (in the tools box) to on the second clip to cut around the actor or object's body
  • Once you've done this, only the the actor's body (the portion you just cut around) from the second shot should remain and the 1st video clip now shows up underneath with the 1st actor in it!
  • Walah, clones. This is not very difficult at all. Of course, in the "Ultimate Clone Movie" I got really, really technical and probably spent way too much time on it and ended up with over 15 layers in one shot (bottom left picture), but hey, it looks cool right?

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