Sites worth a look


Web sites that deal with special effects and related topics:


Cool Sites to help waist some time...

  • Digg is a social media community with a slight tech theme to it that places popular, voted stories to it's front page on a regular basis. Find popular, interesting sometimes gut busting funny stuff, or submit your own stories and see if people "digg" it.

  • I always get a kick when I read the Drudgereport. A lot of their story headlines are pretty conservative biased and some of the titles they throw on there are downright stupid. BUT, new legit stories generaly pop up their first before they hit other major news networks...

  • Check out my new site Astronomy Time, I put on my universe nerd cap and talk all things galaxies, stars and telescopes!

  • I Love To Board and I've started a new site around all things boarding (skareboards, snowboards, etc.)


I've also got a big interest in search marketing, here are a few more sites to check out:

  • Looking for SEO services? Visit BRIM Agency Search Engine Marketing for more information, or their blog.

  • Aaron Wall runs the SEO Book, a great site for learning up and reading on search marketing

  • Rand Fishkin and his team run SEOmoz. Their head line says "Read SEOmoz, Rank better" - they aren't kidding.