Track & Field 2007 Video for Cal State San Marcos

  You will find a series of five short films on this page that together, in sequence, comprise the 2007 Track & Field Highlight Video for Cal State San Marcos.

If my videos do not play on this page you can find them on youtube, click here for my videos on youtube.

This first video is a quick shot of some of the athletes behind music from the latest "Superman Returns" movie. I loved the music and the slow-motion shots, so here it is.


This short video is a fire effects test that I put together back in May of 2006 but finally released it in May of 2007. There isn't much to it except some sound FX and an explosion/fireball that I control as it rises up. Back then, it was my first venture into 3D coordinates and particle effects with after effects and the powerful "particular" plugin.

More to come on this stuff in the future? We'll see ;)


A recap of the Track & Feild season at Cal State San Marcos. Music by Unwritten Law: "Harmonic".


Track Nationals in Fresno California. This video is pretty cool in that Cal State San Marcos had a record setting 11 All-American athletes at a national level for the NAIA college division.

What made this video even better was the final women's 4x400 race where the team took 6th, the last spot for All-American status. The previous two years the women took a close 7th and didn't get it until this time around, nice!

Music by the "Rocky" movies: "Gonna Fly Now".


A quick preview of things to come for the 2008 Track Video - IF I have time :)

I've been working on this video for some time now, since the fall of 2005, and it should be quite a treat to watch when it's done... just gotta get there, in 2008? Haha