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The following clips were taken from 4 of my larger movies


Sample: Gun fight and rooftop battle >>

Watch the ULTIMATE light saber battle

This is it.  The ULTIMATE light saber battle. 
You have to see it to believe. Dowload each
section as you please, or watch the
FULL MOVIE HERE on google video
Google video (faster)
Meet Mr. Sith Lord (22.4 mb)
  Sergio loses head (17.2 MB) Sergio loses head
  3-way battle (19.9 MB) 3-way battle
  More saber action (26.2 MB)  
  Quick fast action (1.4 MB)
set this last short movie on repeat, it's pretty cool


The ULTIMATE clone movie

         This is it.  THE ULTIMATE clone sequence.  You have to see to believe!

Scene 1 (28 MB)

OR try the Google video version (faster dowload)



Watch the legendary light saber battle between Darth Lion and Sergio Skyrunner.  This was my first major light saber scene.  It took me about 2 solid weeks of my free time to finish this one.  ...there are a few minor graphical mistakes, but it does a pretty good job of entertaining the eye.

Scene 1 (7.1 MB)    |    Scene 2 (5.5 MB)   |    Scene 3 (5.5 MB)   |    Scene 4 (6.6 MB)


Sample: Mike dances VS MJ >>

Michael Jackson dance/clone movie

This is my absolute favorite scene that I have
ever put together. 

Solid dancing, good camera work and
pretty good special effects.

You can also watch the FULL MOVIE HERE

Scene 1 (11.2 MB)
Scene 2 (9.0 MB)
Scene 3 (11.9 MB)
Scene 4 (10.9 MB)
Scene 5 (13.4 MB)
Scene 6
(17.5 MB)




Here is Kris Houghton, a good friend of mine, becoming Superman.. or super Kris. There are no special effects (besides the fire) but whatever, it's still fun to watch!

Check out the FULL MOVIE HERE

Scene 1 (16.1 MB)    |    Scene 2 (10.8 MB)



This was my first use of lightning and energy balls in a live action video.  Pretty cool stuff.

Scene 1 (14.9 MB) OR Google Video



A nice intro sequence, good old editing action, but not a lot of special effects.

Scene 1 (15.9 MB)    |    Scene 2 (7.6 MB)    |    Scene 3 (15.7 MB)



This was my very first big clone scene.  Some graphical errors are

present but I think it turned out ok... took me forever though.

Scene 1 (9.7 MB)    |    Scene 2 (7.3 MB)



Funny acting sequence.  Kris is a true blue actor.

Scene 1 (7.3 MB)    |    Scene 2 (9.1 MB)    |    Scene 2 (13.1 MB)



Good little action sequence.

Scene 1 (7.9 MB)    |    Scene 2 (11.0 MB)



Some funny stuff here.  Just a bunch of clones doing outtakes
Scene 1 (7.3 MB)    |    Scene 2 (7.1 MB)    |    Scene 3 (4.8 MB)



OK, not really any special effects in this one. But I still thinking watching this video is hilarious!

 The song in the video is the original 80's version to the men in black theme song, check it out!

Scene 1 (11.5 MB)    |    Scene 2 (11.9 MB)   |    Scene 3 (10.2 MB)   |    Scene 4 (14.5 MB)



We don't know who this guy in the video is... except that when I filmed it, he was high as a mother f*cker on some hard core sh*t, so he danced around a lot.  Really really funny!

Scene 1 (8.2 MB) OR Google Video



Choose your hero

Scene 1 (13.1 MB)    |    Scene 2 (5.3 MB)   |    Scene 3 (9.9 MB)



This scene is the last part of the "Fire it up" movie.  Whenever I watch it I still get a tear rolling down my cheek.  It also was the last season I got to run in college, so it was pretty emotional for everyone leaving that year, including myself.

Scene 1 (21.3 MB)

Old movies
My very first light saber battle
IAN vs EVAN light saber battle (Malibu camp)
Here is a short clip of me and two other clones.... which one is really me?
Here is a short clip of my friend Tony dancing in the air.  Good job Tony.

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