The Secret to Video Cloning Effects using After Effects

Ever want to clone yourself on video? Make it look like you had a few extra brothers or sisters hanging around? But how would you make it look real, make your video actually look like you were really able to multiply your body, just like in the Star Wars or Matrix movies? There is a secret that many people do not understand when it comes to cloning objects or people. It is something I learned from trial and error experience and can sum up to you in just one word… “tripod“. Yes, get yourself a tripod for your video camera. Keeping your camera steady in between clone takes is a must and is the key to creating effective and believable clones videos. If you’re interested in learning more about the specifics of video effects cloning, visit my tutorial on creating clone effects.

I did a clone video a few years back on the track field at Cal State San Marcos. Watch the finished movie below:

This movie is by far the largest attempt on my behalf to clone something (myself). I started in December of 2004 and finished in March of 2005, filmed this over a period of 5 or 6 different days. I may have spent a bit too much time on it but I think it turned out pretty good. In the end, I had no filming help from anyone except for my tripod - it was my camera man.

I bought my tripod at Frys Electronics for about $40 dollars. You can purchase cheap yet effective tripods at just about any major electronics store that also sells camcorders, i.e. Frys, Circuit City, Comps USA, etc. So just remember, if you need to clone something and all else fails, use a tripod.

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4 Responses to “The Secret to Video Cloning Effects using After Effects”

  1. SomeDude Says:

    Great movie! Inspired me to get After Effects. How did you do the effect where you walk in front of yourself, I just can’t get that to work. If you can respond to me or add it (if you want or have the time) to the clone tutorial page. Thanks.

  2. mlsstudios Says:


    I was able to achieve the effect through heavy roto-scoping many layers (lots of hard work)!


  3. danielleb3ar Says:

    this special effect made me purchase adobe after effect! coold video !

  4. Ravi Says:

    how many times you have taken the shots !! god ..its too much ! well i am creating VFX and special effect from so long but havent seen this kinda clones in home videos or short movies !

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