Bio: Mike Shannon
This is the camera that started it all: "Cannon Optura 20". Sadly, long since broken :(  

I love to shoot film, edit and create special effects - even though I have no formal training in film. Aside from my filming hobby I have a background in Computers (computer science) and Business Management (MBA).

So how did I get into movie making? It all began with the video camera pictured above. I bought a "Cannon Optura 20" during the summer of 2003 to film a road trip and the camera would forever change my life. I actually never got around to editing the road trip because I was just too lazy - but one day during Cross Country practice in the fall I decided to bring the camera to the track so that my coach, Steve Scott (current American record holder in the Mile race, set in 1982), could film us running around. When I got back to my apartment and played back the film on my computer I slowed the film down to about 50%. The shots turned out looking really good. I then layed ACDC's thunderstruck down as a background audio track on my new running video and from there I fell in love with video editing. The next semester I began dabbling with special effects (using After Effects): and so it begins... my film career/hobby.

Filming and editing can be extremely time consuming, so I try to make efficient use of my time when out with the camera, which usually requires on the spot directing because, hey, sometimes I'm just to lazy to write a pre-production script, but with enough slick editing my movies usually turn out decent enough for good entertainment. How do I make my movies? >>

Aside from film, I was born and raised here in San Diego (1982 up until now, you do the math). In my free time I like to surf, run a little bit, eat lots of pasta (with red sauce), dance to old MJ, make music, play guitar and lift weights. And yes, I actually USED to have straight hair, then at age 12 or 13 lightning struck.

My formal education includes a bachelors degree in computer science from Cal State San Marcos and I now have my MBA from San Diego State University. While at Cal State San Marcos, I ran the Athletics website for three and a half years as well as the Campus Police department website for 2 years. Unfortunatley, the two sites have long since been "re-vamped", although some might argue not for the better. I was also part of the cross country and Track & Field teams at Cal State San Marcos from 2000 until 2004 - with an All American status in the Track season of 2003 in the 4x800.

Photo: Me edging Tony Herr in the 2003 UCSD 1500m race for 1st place while running for Cal State San Marcos and I will probably give him shit about this for as long as I know him. He thought he was going to win... but he just couldn't fend off Mike's lethal kick. It's ok Tony, we still love you ;)


Above all else, I really like to make movies and special effects. Someday I hope to take some kind of official role in the film industry, although I'm not sure what that might be just yet since I have enough to keep me busy for the time being (paying bills!). Anyhow, check out my movies!

Me and all myself's in the Ultimate Clone Movie
Again, you have to see to beleive
My team winning Cross Country Regionals my senoir year at Cal State San Marcos
Rock Jumping at Mammoth
Costa Rica, Witches Rock